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We partner with the best craft breweries to deliver high quality and in-demand beer to market.

Our portfolio includes nationally distributed breweries that are commercially motivated with strong brand awareness to hyper local craft breweries with the highest Untappd ratings. We are constantly seeking new partners and exploring how to expand our portfolio and offerings.

Flagship Brewery

Mass Bay Brewing Company

Mass Bay Brewing Company (MBBC) is our flagship brewery in our craft beer portfolio. MBBC is a top 20 independent brewery in the USA and is an employee owned company. MBBC is the parent company of many well-known craft brands including Harpoon, New England’s Original IPA. Additional brands in the portfolio are UFO Beer, Clown Shoes, Long Trail, Otter Creek, The Shed, and Artic Chill seltzers. Mass Bay offers operational flexibility by being able to consolidate these brands into a single order while always maintaining the highest quality products!

MBBC Logo 2020
MBBC brands

Regional Brewery

Regional breweries are well known, established breweries that are mid size and distribute their beers across parts of the U.S.A. Portfolios include core, flagships, along with monthly specialties.

Hype Craft Brewery

Hyped craft breweries are the most in demand and exclusive breweries in the USA. With average ratings above 4 on Untappd, most of these breweries are even hard to find in USA!


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