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Revolution’s Hazy Hero to Launch in Sweden

CHICAGO – Revolution Brewery is thrilled to announce that Hazy Hero IPA will now be widely available in Sweden. Revolution won the coveted Hazy IPA tender with Systembolaget.

Bridget Higgins, Director of Sales at Revolution Brewing Company:

“Sweden has an incredible culture and history around beer, and Revolution is incredibly excited to share our brews and give new fans a taste of Chicago. The big fruit forward flavor of Hazy Hero and refreshing finish is something that we can’t wait to share with the people of Sweden.”

Qurban Walia, Co-President of Crafted Exports, comments:

“We have been working more and more with Chicago breweries, and Revolution is the crown jewel. We did a Chicago specific launch in January highlighting Revolution and the Swedish market responded very well. We can’t wait to be able to drink Hazy Hero in Sweden! Skål!”

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