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Massachusetts Craft Beer Showcase in Stockholm

Crafted Exports, Galatea, and Man in the Moon Partner for Massachusetts Craft Beer Showcase in Stockholm

BROOKLYN, New York – Crafted Exports, the leading international distributor for American craft beers and spirits, and Galatea, the leading Swedish craft beer importer, have partnered with Man in the Moon to bring the best Massachusetts has to offer to Sweden!

For all of January 2022, the following breweries will be showcased at Man in the Moon!


  • Harpoon
  • UFO
  • Widowmaker
  • Night Shift
  • Greater Good Imperial
  • Mighty Squirrel
  • Mayflower
  • Brick and Feather

Qurban Walia, Co-President of Crafted Exports, comments: “We love partnering with Man in the Moon every year to highlight the beer scenes in different states in the US, and we have been supporters of Massachusetts and Boston since day one, so we are really excited to finally share these beers with Sweden!”

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Reed, Brand Manager at Galatea, said: “This January, Galatea and are proud to work in partnership with Crafted Exports to showcase some of the best craft beer from Massachusetts at one of the world’s best craft beer bars, Man in the Moon, in Stockholm. We are going to celebrate the start of a new year in style once again with Man in the Moon’s annual USA Craft Beer Month. There will be over 40 different Massachusetts brewed beers flowing over the month, from great breweries like Harpoon, Greater Good, Night Shift, Brick and Feather, Mighty Squirrel, Mayflower, UFO and Widowmaker. Crafted Exports has once again collected an amazing list of special offerings. At we strive to bring the Swedish craft beer lovers a wide variety of top quality beers from all over the world, we hope to see you there!”

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